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Review of JVNY Spring Concert at the West Park Presbyterian Church in New York city,
The Strad, May 14th, 2012 (blog)
The Editor in New York
Ariane Todes visits some iconic New York venues

"To round off the week, tonight I went to a lesser-known venue, the West Park Presbyterian Church, to hear some young people at the very start of their careers.  They were all students of Arik Braude and Sophie Arbuckle, and get together under the name Jeunes Virtuoses de New York.  They performed conductorless, accompanying each other in various solo pieces with great panache and technique and a real sense of enjoyment."

Reviews of  JVNY violinist Hana Mundiya's appearances with the Mainz Kammerorchester

Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung, November 29th & December 7th, 2011

"Impressive 13-year-old violinist:
In the packed church, the 13-year-old Hana Mundiya from New York was
particularly appealing.The young violinist stood in for her colleague Allyson Tomsky,and was convincing, among other ways, through her interpretation of Saint-Saens' "Rondo Capriccioso. " The young artist made ​​her solo debut a year ago as part of the Youth Concerts of the New York Philharmonic and, as a student of the International School of
the United Nations, has already played before numerous heads of state and diplomats."

"...Beethoven's first violin Romance in G Major with only thirteen years old, technically impeccable violinist Hana Miyamoto Mundiya."

Review of JVNY co-concertmanster Allyson Tomsky's appearance with the Mainz Kammerorchester
Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung, December 1st, 2010

"The concert's special highlight was a performance by the guest soloist, an outstanding young violinist Allyson Tomsky. The 20 years old New Yorker played looking not at the music but rather into the depth of her soul. Her performance was very mature, filled with strong articulation and exquisite shifting; her dramatic and wistful expressiveness was irresistible. In the demanding works of Pablo De Sarasate, where a skeptic would expect unpleasant screeching and squeaking, the American newcomer of a frail demeanor managed to tame her instrument (which seemed to be accustomed solely to such a treatment) as witnessed by approving voices from the public. Very impressive indeed..To conclude [the concert] Allyson Tomsky once more plunged with a selfless courage into an emotional abyss in her interpretation of "Meditation de Thais".  

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